Millions Drink It Everyday, But Could Could Soda Water Actually Be Making You Fat?

Millions Drink It Everyday, But Could Could Soda Water Actually Be Making You Fat?

Do you drink a lot of sparkling water? Well maybe you should stop. Find out why below…

Water is the most natural drink in the world. It provides the body with fluids and contains zero calories. However, a study carried out by Bir Zait University in Palestine has just revealed thatfizzy water can actually make you fat. Find out below how this is possible.

Bubbles stimulate your appetite

Carbonated water stimulates your appetite and can cause weight gain. The reason for this is that carbon dioxide encourages the appetite-stimulating hormone known as ghrelin. This hormone then causes you to eat more than you need or should be eating.

It has also been proven to cause stomach problems. Fizzy drinks provide our bodies with more carbon dioxide than they’re used to. Because of this, our stomachs react badly, and we become bloated or end up with stomach cramps.

Better to drink still water

Surprisingly, some people believe that fizzy drinks make you feel fuller. This study however shows that excessive soda consumption promotes obesity. It would therefore be better to drink sparkling water in moderation and drink still water whenever possible, as this is the only drink that the body really needs.

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Of course, you do still need to be careful when drinking still water, but when it’s fresh, it’s a good way to replenish your body without needing to worry about any of those unpleasant consequences. Check out our video above to find out more about the study.

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