Melasma: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, And Treatment

Are you pregnant and feeling betrayed by your skin? Ohmymag tells you how to take care of melasma during pregnancy.

Melasma: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, And Treatment
Melasma: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, And Treatment

Melasma In Pregnancy

1. Causes of melasma: Melasma is caused by the hormonal change that your body undergoes throughout your pregnancy. Melanin, which is the main pigment that colours the skin, protects us naturally against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, the harmful rays of the sun.

Under the effect of pregnancy hormones, melanin is mainly concentrated on certain areas of the face. Melasma is manifested by the appearance of brown or grey spots around the eyes, on the forehead, cheekbones, around the mouth, and more rarely along the jaw.

This is exactly the same phenomenon that causes some women to have a brown line from the navel to the pubis. It particularly affects dark or olive-skinned women. Melasma appears around the fourth month of pregnancy.

2. How to prevent melasma: Since it is difficult to predict whether one will develop melasma or not, the simplest thing to do is to try to prevent its appearance. Melanin, naturally present in your skin, is activated by the sun.

The best way to avoid melasma is to protect yourself from the sun. Avoid sun exposure to your face as much as possible, wear a hat, cap, sunglasses, and regularly apply high-index sun protection, even if the sun is hidden by the clouds.

Opt for the freshness of the shade in the hottest hours of sunshine. In any case, sooner or later, your skin will thank you!

3. How to treat melasma: It's already too late or, despite the protection, you have brown spots appearing on your face? No worries! Melasma generally disappears by itself. You'll just have to be patient. Melasma can remain visible for six months or even a year after giving birth. If it persists longer, you can go to see a dermatologist. They may prescribe a depigmenting treatment or a specific peel.

Do not be fooled by the promises of cosmetics, these products are not effective against melasma.

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