It's been proven: getting your period is as painful as a heart attack

Although they only come once a month, periods are one of the worst things about being a woman. In case anyone was in doubt, a recent study has shown that they are as painful as heart attacks.

It's Been Proven: Getting Your Period is as Painful as a Heart Attack
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Periods are very often complicated to live through. Stomach cramps, irregular bleeding, no-one enjoys having their period. And for good reason, doctors have recognised that menstrual pain can be as painful as a heart attack. Still, too much of a taboo, these few days in the month can be like hell for some women, who all too often suffer in silence.

Known as dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps have finally been taken seriously by John Guillebaud, a professor at University College London, who said:

the pain can be as severe as a heart attack

Medical professionals have finally recognised that women who admit to suffering from excruciating abdominal pain, a drop in morale and extreme fatigue are not pretending! It was about time.

Check out the video above for more on the study...