Ingredients in certain cleaning products are harmful for your health

Smoking can kill you, but so can cleaning! A study reveals that household sprays are far more harmful to our lungs than cigarettes. Especially for women.

Hate cleaning your house? We may have just found you a valid excuse not to do it. You probably don't know this, but some household products are so toxic that scientists couldn't help but wonder whether they're safe to use. And the answer is surprising.

Are cleaning products more dangerous than cigarettes?

According to The Independent, a Norwegian study conducted by the University of Bergen recently confirmed these fears: some sprays are far worse for our lungs than cigarettes. The study also shows that using certain cleaning products regularly is the equivalent of smoking about 20 cigarettes a day for a period of 10 to 20 years. Yes, you read that right! The regular absorption of micro-particles from this type of spray could do a lot of damage to your lungs.

Surprise: Women are far more affected than men

The study also shows that said damage is more extensive in women. The men who took part in the survey were mostly unaffected by this finding. As you've probably guessed, the reason for this is that women are far more likely to do housework than men are, although that's not always the case. Still, it appears to be the case in this study, and the female participants' results are staggering.

Choose natural products

Obviously, there are safer cleaning product alternatives out there. First, pay close attention to the labels on the products you buy, and find out how toxic they are, which should be indicated on the container. Then, follow the precautions for use, which you'll also find on the container. And if you prefer not to risk anything, go for natural products. They're often just as effective, sometimes less expensive, and more environmentally friendly.

While we all wait to start seeing 'cleaning kills' labels on our household cleaners, you should still keep them out of children's reach. Their little lungs are more fragile! Also worth noting: sharing chores will have a positive impact on your relationship as well as your health!

Watch the video above for 5 cleaning products that are especially harmful for your health.

This study proves that cleaning could be damaging your health This study proves that cleaning could be damaging your health