Infections Aren’t the Only Things That Cause Your Vagina to Smell Badly, Here Are Some Other Common Causes

Have you ever noticed a bad smell coming from down below? That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an infection or another health issue. Check out the other possible causes below and how to solve them yourself.

It's more common than you might think for your vagina to give off quite a bad smell and although it’s one of the things that women worry about the most, most of the time it has nothing to do with an infection or another health issue.

This bad smell is actually a result of your discharge, a natural mucous that lubricates your inner vagina and keeps the area clean. This fluid smells differently from person to person and can even change depending on changes in your hormone levels and how often you have sex.

So as not to affect your discharge and cause it to change, it is important not to use chemical products in this area and avoid wearing underwear that is not breathable. You should also avoid excessively washing this area as well since this can end up destroying the natural defences that are there specifically to prevent possible infections.

To prevent your vagina from smelling bad, there are also a few little things you can do yourself. These include wiping from front to back whenever you urinate and using mild, neutral soaps, both for your body and your underwear.

And above all, follow a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Include yoghurt, red berries, teas, ginger, dried fruits and nuts and spinach to your diet.

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