How much water should you be drinking everyday?

How much water should you be consuming each day to keep you healthy? The answer might very well surprise you!

How much water is enough water to keep you running and feeling good? Well, it seems as though there's still some debate regarding what the sufficient amount of hydration is to keep you in top form. And much to our own dismay, it's actually a lot more than we expect it it to be!

The amount needed depends on each person

The benefits of drinking water are abundant: clearer skin, vital for a fully-functioning immune system and often even the answer to minor ailments (headaches, dehydration, etc), but what exactly is the amount that doctors recommend to keep you feeling your best?

You've probably heard of two litres of water being the recommended amount that you should be intaking daily, but the truth of the matter is that everybody is different and necessities will vary. But according to Sonia Khan, Community Pharmacist at Medicine Direct, the amount of water needed per person is contingent on their gender.

Generally speaking, men should be consuming on average 3.7 litres of water each day while women should aim for 2.7 litres. She explains that:

Your body loses a lot of water every day through normal functions such as urinating, bowel movements, breathing and perspiring. For this reason, it is important to top up your fluid supply by drinking water regularly throughout the day,

Some tips to keep in mind

Experts also recommend tracking the colour of your urine to see how dehydrated you really are. Basically, the darker in colour it is and the more pungent the smell is, the more water you need in your body.

And in case you wondering if you could substitute water for other drinks to keep you hydrated, the answer, plain and simple, is: no. Most juices contain lots of sugar so it's not a very good idea to be drinking almost 3 litres of heavily sweetened fluids.

Coffee and tea contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect that contribute to dehydration. So although to some very minimal extent soft drinks, juices and caffeinated beverages can help you in reaching your daily waiter intake, you must not fully rely on them to reach your goal.

Drinking hot water may be good for your health, here's how Drinking hot water may be good for your health, here's how