Her family thought she had COVID-19 and locked her out on the porch

We are currently in the midst of a collective health crisis. Some less hopeful cases definitely won’t be making residents proud of their country, like this case from Bolivia, for example.

The second wave of coronavirus has hit our countries in a devastating manner and many of us have gone back into lockdown. In a time of panic, we've seen some people take some rather drastic measures to avoid contamination. The following story, however, is on another level.

Her family abandoned her

In the video above, we can see a woman who was locked out of her house by her family and abandoned on the porch so that health workers would look after her instead and they could avoid possibly catching the virus.

The most shocking part is that this woman’s family weren’t even sure if she had the virus, yet they nevertheless banished her from the house because they were scared of the possibility of catching the virus. Apparently, this woman lived in the house with her husband and some other tenants, who had apparently been the ones to pressure her husband to lock her out the house.

They left her outside

They left her outside with a blanket and a face mask on. Doctors took more than two hours to arrive. One of her neighbours, who was actually a doctor, approached her to examine her.

The woman had been experiencing aches and pains in her body for a few days, but these were not symptoms of the coronavirus. When doctors arrived, they diagnosed her with tonsillitis and ruled out the virus. Her neighbours have since expressed how shocking and unnecessary it was for her family to lock her out the house, a clear act of dehumanisation which could actually lead to legal repercussions.

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