Her baby’s face suddenly became discoloured after she breastfed him

This mother was breastfeeding her baby, as she always did. But when he was done, she noticed something brown and odd about her child’s face.

One day, Keziah Jozefiak was breastfeeding her five-month-old son Raf. When her baby had had enough to eat and Keziah removed her breast from his mouth, she suddenly got a big surprise because the skin around her son’s mouth had turned brown. She burst out laughing when she realised what had happened!

Catherine Delahaye / Getty Images Before breastfeeding, it’s a good idea not to use a tanning lotion…

What caused his brown beard?

But how did his face become discoloured? It suddenly dawned on the mother that shortly before breastfeeding her son, she had applied a self-tanning lotion and had not let it soak into her skin for long enough. As a result, this tanning lotion had rubbed off onto her son while she was breastfeeding him. As the mother told The Sun:

When I looked down at Raf, I just burst out laughing.

The mother found the incident so funny that she posted the story on Twitter and said that she will definitely think twice next time she uses a tanning lotion. As you can probably imagine, she quickly went viral on Twitter for her post in which she wrote:

It is the first and definitely the last time I feed him with my tan still on.

Not dangerous

Fortunately, tanning lotions aren’t harmful or dangerous for a baby’s health, both before and after birth. The chemicals in these products are able to penetrate the skin, but can’t reach a mother’s breast milk. That aside, breastfeeding mothers should still refrain from using these creams and lotions around their breasts since babies’ skin is very sensitive.

Tanning lotions tend to last longer on sensitive skin than they do on normal, adult skin. Therefore, Keziah’s son Raf probably had a Homer Simpson beard for the next few days. Fortunately, the mother was able to laugh about her silly mistake.

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