Follow These Tips To Put an End to Snacking
Follow These Tips To Put an End to Snacking
Follow These Tips To Put an End to Snacking
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Follow these tips to put an end to snacking

By James Guttridge

We can quickly be tempted by fatty or sweet food to satisfy our hunger throughout the day. Follow these tips to reduce these hunger pangs.

We all know that snacking can be harmful to our health. In addition to potential weight gain, snacking can expose you to an increased risk of diabetes and hypertension. In 2018, 38% of people admitted in a study to snacking at least once a day. Ear, nose, and throat specialist Michel Cymes has revealed several methods on how to snack ‘better,’ thereby limiting the harmful effects caused by cravings.

What are the tips to avoid ‘bad snacking?’

Stress, boredom, fatigue... There are many reasons why we eat food between meals. Michel Cymes said:

When we snack, it is rarely to munch on raw carrot sticks. Instead, we tend to throw ourselves at fatty and sweet foods.

He recommends replacing your cakes or chocolate bars with dried fruit such as apricots, prunes, raisins, or dates.

During the day, a sudden craving for chocolate is possible. To remedy this while taking care of one's health, the health professional recommends dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa. This product is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper.

However, some people may find this type of chocolate too bitter. Michel Cymes stressed:

In this case, pair it with fruit, such as an orange, kiwi or, even better, a banana. You'll get your sugar fix, but at least it's natural sugar. And the banana, by the way, is a good appetite suppressant.

Cravings: brushing your teeth keeps hunger at bay

The doctor also suggested some ‘behavioural tips’ to combat hunger pangs. First recommendation: get some fresh air. Michel Cymes advised:

Instead of going into the kitchen, go out into the garden, into the street, into the next room, wherever you want. You’ll see your desire for sugar and fat disappear as quickly as it appeared.

If you feel hungry, you can also go to the bathroom to brush your teeth. This may seem like a strange strategy, but minty toothpaste suppresses your appetite. The doctor explained:

And psychologically, it also has an effect, because you don't feel like getting your teeth dirty when you've just brushed them.

According to him, mint and liquorice teas also reduce the feeling of hunger as well as the desire for sweet and fatty foods.

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