Beware: A side effect of the COVID jab can be misdiagnosed as breast cancer

People having received the COVID jab started showing symptoms similar to cancer. Now experts explain: they claims these are false positives.

More and more people around the world are being vaccinated against the virus. Slowly, the first minor symptoms are beginning to emerge following vaccinations by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Recently, the loss of numerous caregivers in France after the Corona vaccination caused a stir. But most of the side effects are rather harmless.

When examining immunised vaccinees, medical experts made surprising discoveries. Some side effects of the Coronavirus vaccination turned out to resemble cancer symptoms.

Cancer symptom after Corona vaccination

Many of those affected have complained of swollen lymph nodes in the crook of the arm and collarbone on the arm where they received the vaccine.

While this side effect is not uncommon for vaccines—similar observations are regularly made with the flu vaccine, for example—the initial discovery can lead to false conclusions: swollen lymph nodes can resemble a spreading tumour in pictures!

Dr Constance D. Lehman of Massachusetts General Hospital tells the New York Times that the actually harmless symptoms of vaccination can quickly lead to shocked reactions in those affected. She reports:

I can't imagine the fear when I get the scan and hear: 'We found a lump that's big. We don't think it's cancer, but we can't tell,' or even worse: 'We think it might be cancer.'

Unnecessary panic over vaccination side effects

That is why she is currently working hard to educate professionals lead to administer mammograms about the new side effects.

Dr Lehman takes it upon herself to personally inform patients with such results about the possibility that they might be vaccination side effects.

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'The lymph nodes in your armpit that we see on your mammogram are larger on the side where you were recently vaccinated with Covid-19,' reads the letter sent to patients.

Enlarged lymph nodes are common after Covid 19 vaccination and are a normal reaction of your body to the vaccine. However, if you feel a lump in your armpit that lasts longer than six weeks after vaccination, you should inform your doctor.

How to get around the fake shock message

One of the possible options to prevent the initial shock of an impending cancer is to postpone the timing of the next upcoming routine check-up:

If possible, and if it does not unreasonably delay treatment, screening should be scheduled before the first dose of a Covid 19 vaccine or 4-6 weeks after the second dose of a Covid 19 vaccine.

What is clear is that swollen lymph nodes are not uncommon after vaccination. With the Moderna vaccine used in America, around 16 percent of all patients report the unwanted but harmless side effect after the second vaccination.

For the BioNTech variant used in Germany, the figure is 0.3 per cent so far. Anyone who has planned a visit to the radiologist in the days after the vaccination should therefore be prepared for the erroneous bad news.

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