Benefits Of Saline For Babies
Benefits Of Saline For Babies

Benefits Of Saline For Babies

Ohmymag explains the importance of saline for your baby's health.

Saline For Babies 

1. What is saline: Saline is an isotonic solution of sodium chloride (salt). An isotonic solution is a liquid that has the same molecular weight as the naturally occurring fluids in the body. Saline is therefore a mixture of water and salt, very similar to the chemical composition of tears.

2. Why is it good for baby: The skin and mucous membranes of a toddler are extremely fragile. It is therefore essential to use products that will not attack it. Indeed, the baby's skin is permeable, which means that everything we apply to their skin is found in their body. It's a bit like you're feeding them everything you put on their body!

In addition, the child's immune system is still weak and any external aggression can cause inflammation or allergies. Saline, which mimics body fluids, is the perfect solution for cleaning your child's fragile mucous membranes.

As an adult, you too can benefit from the benefits of saline - if you have dust in your eye or a dry nose, the solution can help you as well as your child. Remember to buy saline in individual pods and discard any remaining solution a day after opening to avoid the risk of bacteria.

3. When to use saline: The serum is used in the baby's daily routine. You can clean their eyes, nose and possible small superficial wounds with it. However, do not overdo it - it is better to throw a little product away than to put too much on the fragile mucous membranes of your child at the risk of irritating them. If your baby has a cold, you can use saline to clean their nose.

To do this, lay your baby on one side and squeeze the solution into the nostril opposite the side on which they are lying. The mucous will be expelled by the other nostril. Repeat on the other side to clear both nostrils. It may seem a little barbaric, babies are surprised by nose cleansing and will usually vigorously protest!

Don't worry, it is a very effective and painless solution that can prevent your child from superinfection of the ENT sphere.

By Will Armstrong
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