Are you suffering from full moon insomnia? It's more common than you think...

Do you have trouble falling asleep or have disturbed sleeps every month? Have you noticed if this is happening during a full moon? You, like many of us, might be particularly receptive to the effects of the moon, or in other words have what is called full moon insomnia. Read on to find out more.

Scientists have looked into the subject and according to Swiss researchers, the full moon is a possible cause of disturbed sleep.

The full moon can make it harder to fall asleep, cause you to sleep poorly, and even reduce your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels.

In astrology, there is a link between periods of insomnia and the full moon. It is a phase favourable to having realisations, but also to instinctive and impulsive behaviours... this is why one experiences more tension during the evenings of a full moon.

Some people are more sensitive than others. If you want to find out of this is your case, keep a notebook next to your bed. You can then very easily observe the reactions of your body the nights before and after a full moon.

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Keep track of these 4 things.

1. The time at which you fall asleep.

2. How you feel when you wake up (tired, rested…?)

3. For how long you slept

4. And finally, the type of dreams you had. If it took you a long time to fall asleep, you slept less than usual, or feel more anxious, then you most likely have full moon insomnia!

Having trouble sleeping? It may be because of your astrological sign Having trouble sleeping? It may be because of your astrological sign