8 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Your Friends

If you feel like you've been targeted more than your friends by the mozzies this summer, there might be a reason for it. Here are 8 reasons why mosquitoes especially like to come and feast on you.

1.Your body temperature is high: A general rule is that mosquitoes tend to be attracted to heat (the reason why they flourish in summer). So the higher the body temperature is the more they will turn up.

2. You wear dark colours: We don't know why but mosquitoes don't like bright colours. So if you wear dark colours there's more chance that these little bugs will be attracted to you.

3. Pregnancy: As well as all the other pains, pregnant women are more inclined to be bitten by mosquitoes. It is because of the emissions of CO2 that is more important among expectant mothers.

4. Pseudomonas: It is a type of bacteria that can be found in men, notably in the nasal mucous. As well as being more susceptible to skin infections, this bacteria also attracts mosquitoes.

5. Group O Blood Type: Mosquitoes have a preference for people who are a group O blood type. This is less important than whether your rhesus is positive or negative. Note that the group A blood type is two times less likely to attract mosquitoes.

6. Beer: It's not been itself that attracts mosquitoes but the effects it has on the body especially vasodilation and sweating. Combined these effects can attract those little nuisances.

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7. Sweating: Mosquitoes are attracted to strong body odour. So logically, if you sweat more than your neighbour you have more chance of being bitten.

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