10 Common Dreams That Should Never Be Ignored

Dreams, fruit of the unconscious, are not always due to chance... Some say that they should not be ignored. The famous psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung studied this question at length. Here are some of their surprising conclusions…

According to psychoanalysis, interpreting dreams can provide answers about yourself, your state of mind, your psychology and can give you keys to understand and solve certain problems.

Here is the meaning of ten situations that may be present in your dreams:

1. Dreaming about flying

People who fly in their dreams are ambitious people who have goals. That said, according to Freud, flying in dreams is synonymous with a feeling of guilt. For Jung, this would rather reflect a need for freedom, to be more detached from the body…

2. Seeing water in a dream

This is a common dream for both women and men. The presence of water is often interpreted as a purifier. Freud speaks of ‘clean thinking.’ For Freud, water is linked to the female and mainly the mother.

Water can also be associated with a form of regeneration.

3. Dreaming about your teeth falling out

Dreaming about teeth falling or being pulled out is a very common nightmare. According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming about losing your teeth could be linked to an overly repressed sexuality. Freud also sees in it a fear of change, which is why these dreams can arise in periods of transition: bereavement, a break-up…

4. Dreaming about a house

Dreaming about a house is a very common dream. This would correspond to a need to secure your Self. It also refers to basic needs, such as family, spouse, children. A house in poor order or in ruins could reflect the difficulties of the Self to stand up to repressed impulses, a kind of struggle of the Self to exist in the face of life's difficulties…

5. Dreaming about money

According to Freud's approach, money represents sexual desire. A lot of money could mean a lot of sexual energy. Jung agrees with his colleague: this could be a sign of a healthy libido!

6. Dreaming about fire

Dreaming about fire could indicate a desire for change. For Freud, this would express the destruction or explosion of the libido. For Jung, fire represents vital energy, purification, the idea of destruction as well.

To find out what it means to dream about death, pregnancy, nudity or adultery, take a look at the video above... the true analysis might surprise you...

Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean! Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean!