Check Out These 2020 Hair Trends!

Short bobs, bowl cuts even mullets... Check out these 2020 hairstyle trends.

Check Out These 2020 Hair Trends!
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As 2019 is coming to an end, it's time to take a look at 2020 hairstyle trends!

While some hairstyles, such as long hair, the bowl cut or finger waves were already very popular in 2019, bobs will be the trendiest hairstyle of the new year.

Very short bobs, sleek bobs, even curly bobs were spotted on the catwalk during Fashion Week. For an androgynous look, you can go with a shorter bob or, even more daring, get a pixie cut or go totally bald.

Next summer, we'll be seeing a lot of braids, and pigtails and messy buns will also be making a comeback. Don't hesitate to accessorize these hairstyles with a scarf, as Dolce & Gabanna did in one of their last shows.

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