Bodyshamed By Her Boyfriend For Wearing A Revealing Prom Dress, This Girl Had The Perfect Response

Madison Witham is a 16-year-old from La Grange Indiana in the United States. She recently made headlines after being ‘slut shamed’ by her boyfriend. Her response however was absolutely perfect! Taking to Twitter, a screenshot of the conversation in question received thousands of likes, retweets and supportive messages from women around the world.

Madison Witham’s story went viral on Twitter after she tweeted a screenshot of a conversation between her and her boyfriend. Whitham, who wanted her boyfriend’s opinion on a dress for her high school prom received an unexpected reply from the 19-year-old boy who claimed she was revealing too much.

Evidently upset by the response, as any young girl would be, she argued that in fact the long full body dress wasn’t revealing too much at all. The boy who has now been named by the girl’s father Kevin, then sent her an incredibly insulting message saying that she ‘looked like a slut’.

Not standing for being spoken to like that, she took to twitter to post a screenshot of the conversation. She captioned it ‘so today I bought a prom dress and dropped a dude, eventful day’. The tweet quickly went viral and Madison received hundreds of supportive comments such as ‘we love a queen who knows her self-worth’.

After originally steering clear of releasing his name to the media, the girl’s father eventually decided to name and shame the boy. Maybe that’ll teach him a lesson and next time he’ll learn how to speak to a lady properly!

This Girl Got Kicked Out Of Prom For Wearing An "Inappropriate Dress" This Girl Got Kicked Out Of Prom For Wearing An "Inappropriate Dress"