H&M Is Selling The Perfect, Low-Cost, Winter Dress You Can Even Wear With Plimsolls

Winter is coming and with it, the cold. It is often difficult for us to decide what to wear in winter and especially how to dress elegantly because of the numerous layers we have to wear so we’re not cold and uncomfortable.

Perfect, Low-Cost, Winter Dress
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Perfect, Low-Cost, Winter Dress

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If you’re looking for a dress that will keep you warm, comfortable and will have you looking elegant and fashionable, you can call off the search because we’ve found one for you. H&M has recently released the knitted dress that you absolutely need this winter.

This dress is long, goes past your knees and is also quite baggy. The sleeves are slightly puffy, it has a V-shaped neckline and it comes in light brown.

A dress for all body types

The best thing about this dress is that it suits all body types. Since it is a bit baggy, nothing is particularly highlighted and because it doesn’t go all the way down to your ankles, it would also suit shorter women just as well as it would taller women. Furthermore, its V-shaped neckline means it would look great on bustier women and not make those who don't feel inadequate at the same time.

A causal and dressy look

Another advantage of this dress is that because it is knitted and quite long, it would go great with plimsolls. You could even wear it with black tights and white shoes which are also very fashionable this season.

If you want to wear it for a special occasion, just add some boots either with a heel or without and complete your outfit with a nice necklace and an elegant bag. You’ll look amazing and won’t be cold at all!

You can find this dress in H&M for just £34.99. So... tempted?

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