This is Why You Need to Start Eating Crickets (Seriously)
This is Why You Need to Start Eating Crickets (Seriously)
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This is Why You Need to Start Eating Crickets (Seriously)

Eating crickets may have a positive effect on the environment but could also do your body some good.

Eating crickets? Never! But you’re wrong about them. According to a study published in July by the Scientific Reports journal, locusts could be good for your tummy, or more specifically, your intestinal microbiota.

Not just rich in protein

In addition to being high in protein, locusts contain chitin and other ingredients that are high in fibre. These molecules have an effect on your intestinal health!

This study was conducted on 20 adults for two weeks. They consumed 25 grams of cricket powder a day, and the results are surprising.

There is a metabolic enzyme that is known to lead to better intestinal health, and the levels found within the adults increased tenfold after the study. At the same time, the levels of the inflammatory protein TNF-alpha dropped significantly, which is great news. This protein is linked to diseases such as depression, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The study may be worth further research, but we're almost certain that eating insects is beneficial to our health.

By Johanna Garner

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