The Secret to McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Revealed

Do you want to know the secret behind the Big Mac sauce? Then read on…

The Secret to McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Revealed
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There are certain 'secret recipes' that have consistently been at the top of everyone's mind for decades now, like the recipes for Coca Cola, KFC chicken, and the famous Big Mac sauce from McDonald’s. What many people don't know is that some of these recipes actually have been revealed in the past. We’re going to go ahead and shine a light on one of these secrets for you today…

The recipe

The recipe was innocently published on McDonald’s Canadian YouTube account way back in 2012. Today, the video has more than 6 million views and lots of foodies have tried to reproduce the recipe. Even we here at Oh My Mag! have tried to come up with our own recipe and we did manage to get very close to McDonald’s original version... but nothing beats the original!


The most ironic part is that this secret was so well-kept that McDonald’s came up with the idea to create 10,000 limited edition bottles of Big Mac sauce. The bottles were numbered and fans of the sauce didn’t take long to plough through them.

Some bottles are still being auctioned off for around $150 (£121) a bottle on eBay, while McDonald's can make the same thing for just a few bucks. So ironic!

Check out the video above for the full recipe.

Bon appetit!