Survey shows this comfort food makes us happiest

A study has finally shown that our favourite food, dark chocolate, may actually be the key to happiness!

Survey shows this comfort food makes us happiest
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Chocolate lovers can be divided into three categories, those who reach for the white chocolate, those who prefer the creamy goodness of milk chocolate and those who prefer the bitterness of dark chocolate. However, a new study shows that those who belong to the latter group may just be the happiest of the bunch.

Dark chocolate is one of the happiest foods

A study conducted by Kallo has found that dark chocolate is the food that makes us the happiest, alongside coffee (no surprises there) and grapes.

The survey showed that Brits have also placed eggs, berries and oranges among the ‘good mood food.’ Meanwhile, indulgent treats such as burgers, pizza and doughnuts are more likely to affect our mood in a negative way because of the high levels of salt and ‘bad fats.’

Brand controller at Kallo, Hayley Murgett, advised that if you want a bit of a pick-me-up then fresh food, fruits and nuts are the way to go.

The 2000 people survey also showed that 34% of people rely on different foods to improve their moods and 51% agreed that eating foods with a variety of vibrant colours can do so.

More than half of the people studied also admitted that some foods feel good to eat but often left them feeling full of regret (we’ve all been there). But that doesn’t mean any of us have stopped eating them. The survey showed that a fifth of people believed they would have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions, while a further 27% admitted they were struggling with the gloomy weather. As a result three in 10 people admitted that they would be turning to comfort food to make themselves feel better (Hello again pizza, burgers and Mac & Cheese).

Top 15 foods that make us happiest

Out of all the foods involved in the survey, these 15 were proven to be the most happy-inducing:

15. Green Tea

14. Leafy Greens

13. Avocado

12. Mushrooms

11. Mango

10. Melon

9. Apples

8. Oranges

7. Salmon

6. Eggs

5. Yoghurt

4. Berries

3. Grapes

2. Dark Chocolate

1. Coffee