Holiday hack: How to use a leftover bottle of wine

A woman shares her ground-breaking techniques of utilising an opened bottle of wine in different recipes.

Wine can become bad in as little as a few hours after opening the bottle, regardless of age or provenance. A brilliant trick for savouring those last drips of your wine and keeping it fresh for future needs has been provided by a talented lady.

An Instagram page by Fran called @earthbits_ shared the eco-friendly secret in storing your leftover wine a little longer. Read more to uncover the hack.

Eco hack

The owner said:

We find it’s an eco hack that comes really useful this time of year. If you just had too much to drink, and you can’t finish that last glass of wine, don’t pour it down the sink!

We often use food cubes in broth, to make a quick broth. Why not make your own out of wine and store it?

Fran lets us into her secret and reveals:

Transfer any leftover wine – red or white, both work—into an ice tray and freeze it! It’s great to use for cooking, from risottos to stews or even desserts, and you will have a perfect single use quantity readily available in the shape of an eye cube!

DIY wine ice cube

What you need:

  1. Ice tray
  2. Leftover wine

Just pour the wine into the tray, and you can freeze it to use later in broths and other recipes.

Slow-cooking stews and tomato sauces benefit from the addition of wine. Red wine may also be used to spice sweets. It may also be used to make pan sauces for seared lamb, duck, chicken, or beef.

The Earth Bits CEO added:

If you can still manage, have it (the wine) as a night cap, as long as you are not driving!

Another user joked:

This is great. But I'm confused. What's leftover wine?
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