Food Recall: Cheese and chocolate recalled over nut allergy risk

Products have been recalled from supermarkets and Hotel Chocolat after packaging issues could result in health risks for nut allergy sufferers.

Lactalis McLelland Ltd is recalling their President Mini Cheese Selection as it may contain nuts, which was not noted on the packaging. This poses a potential health risk to nut allergy sufferers. The Mini Cheese Selection contains miniature portions of Brie, Rondelé and Camembert and is sold in many supermarkets.

The product recall affects the 136.6g pack of the President Mini Cheese Selection with the Use By date of 24th May 2021. Any customer who has a nut allergy should not eat this product and can instead return it to the shop where they bought it to receive a full refund. In a statement, Lactalis McLelland Ltd apologised for the inconvenience.

Hotel Chocolat nut allergy recalls

Last week, Hotel Chocolat recalled their Ugly But Good Bag of Lychee and Rose Chocolates because of a packing error which meant some bags may accidentally contain Salted Macadamia chocolates instead of the Raspberry, Rose and Lychee chocolates. These contain hazelnuts and macadamia nuts that are not mentioned on the label.

The recall affects 300g packs with the lot number 21028 and Best Before date 31 May 2021. Customers who bought the product and have a nut allergy should not eat the product and anyone with an affected pack can return it to Hotel Chocolat for a full refund. Due to the pandemic, Hotel Chocolat are allowing customers up to three months to return the product.

Food allergy alerts

Food allergy sufferers can sign up to receive free Allergy Alerts from Allergy UK. After selecting the allergen or allergens you’d like to receive alerts for, such as nuts, milk, wheat or fish, you’ll receive email alerts as soon as food allergy risks like mislabelling or cross-contamination are reported.

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