5 ways to make fries without a deep-fryer

Are you craving fries but don't have a deep-fryer on hand? Find out how to make them with minimal equipment.

5 ways to make fries without a deep-fryer
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Nothing beats a real deep- fryer for a batch of nicely browned, crispy fries. But, sometimes, we don't have the equipment we need to make French fries worthy of a fast food joint, so we have to find alternatives that are just as delicious and sometimes healthier. Here they are!


The best alternative to make nice golden brown fries is the oven. You can cut the fries, keep the skin or not, cover them in oil, and a few spices before baking them for 25 minutes at 200 ° C.


You can fry them in a pan. The trick to getting them right is to cut them thin enough and cook them slowly. Flip the fries on each side for 10 minutes. Don't hesitate to add some spices, such as paprika, or herbs.

Barbecue and plancha

In the summer, you can easily make plancha or barbecue fries. Proceed the same way you would if you were frying them in a pan.


If you have a microwave, you can easily make homemade fries. Just cut your potatoes, mix them with a little oil in a bowl and cook them for 5 minutes three times, stirring them in between rounds. They won't be as crispy as they would be if they were fried, but rather very soft.


If it's not in your plans to buy a deep-fryer, and you prefer to have lower-fat fries, you can invest in an air-fryer. It allows you to make delicious fries with just a tablespoon of oil.