5 Tips to Make a Successful Risotto

Risotto is the ultimate comforting recipe. Discover our tips to make a success of this great classic of Italian cuisine.

Would you like to make the same delicious mushroom risotto you enjoyed on your last trip to Italy? Great idea! The risotto is a gourmet and accessible recipe that will please everyone.

How to flavour your risotto?

If the base of the risotto is simple, rice cooked slowly in broth, the flavours can change. You can add a vegetable topping to your recipes such as pan-fried mushrooms or pumpkin cubes, but you can also opt for a risotto with seafood flavours by adding scallops and slices of leek or finally, opt for a chicken or chorizo-based topping.

You can combine your risotto with Parmesan cheese, or opt for a stronger tasting cheese such as Pecorino Romano.

The risotto may seem simple, but there are a few golden rules to keep in mind to make it smooth, cooked to perfection and deliciously flavoured.

Choosing the right rice

For the risotto, the choice of rice is essential. It is imperative to use round rice that will hold well during cooking. To make the right choice and not make a mistake, choose arborio rice. It is perfectly suited to this type of recipe.

Having the right equipment

The risotto is gently cooked by adding hot broth ladle by ladle. It is therefore important to have a pot that allows the broth to evaporate well. Choose a design with a wide bottom and high edges so that your risotto is cooked to perfection.

Several items, one-pot

When you prepare your risotto, there is no need to multiply the pots. Start by frying your filling (mushrooms, onions, shrimps, chicken, etc.) in the pot with a little bit of fat and then place the preparation aside when it is cooked. Use the same pot to cook your rice. It will soak up the flavours of your filling and the risotto will taste better.

Well-coated rice

To ensure that the risotto is well cooked, it is imperative to fry it in a little oil or butter before adding the stock. The rice grains must be well translucent to be able to absorb the water properly afterwards. You can also deglaze the rice with red or white wine.

An incomparable creaminess

Once your rice is cooked, all you have to do is add your topping. It will give a real identity to your risotto. To give it a very creamy texture, you can add heavy cream or mascarpone at the end. A delight!

The risotto now hides no more secrets for you!

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