Here Are Four Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking
Here Are Four Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking
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Here Are Four Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking

We tend to become more sedentary and less physically active as time goes on. Sitting at the office or in the car does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle, so it is very important to walk for at least 30 minutes every day in order to stay healthy.

Stand up straight

It's no coincidence that dancers look so tall when they walk! An upright posture is your best ally. Straight shoulders and head held high while looking straight ahead will allow you to visualise the calories you are losing. You will be able to burn more in addition to gaining confidence!

Increase the number of your strides

Don't lengthen your strides, but increase them. The simplest way is to walk in rhythm while counting your steps, just to motivate you. Ideally, take 40 steps every 20 seconds to get a good rhythm. With practice, you will manage to increase the number of steps. 45 steps is aerobic walking, and 50 is fast walking.

Walk with your arms bent

Like runners and walkers, being physically active with your arms bent will help you to walk faster. You may not notice it, but your arms move slower when they are stiff. For a faster and easier gait, don't hesitate to bend them. But if you can’t manage to do this, a purse in the crook of the elbow or just a magazine can help.

Lift your feet up off the ground

Your walk has to be intense if you want to burn more calories. Exaggerating your steps will allow you to push harder and move faster. This seems more difficult than it actually is. Just walk with your heels raised slightly higher, as if you want to show the soles of your shoes to the person behind you.

By James Guttridge

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