This underwear revealing trend will make you want to look twice

The spring summer 2021 trend reports have been coming out left and right and a consensus has been reached: the visible underwear trend is making a major comeback!

Remember Xtina's early 2000's Dirrty music video featuring the iconic butt-less chaps we got to see her prancing around in? Well, you'll be seeing more and more underwear revealing garments in the months to come now that British Vogue has officially plastered its stamp of approval on it. And honestly, we're here for it!

Who is bringing back this super sexy look?

January's British Vogue cover features soon to be 47-year-old supermodel Kate Moss in a spliced pair of trousers from Versace's sexy underwater mermaid inspired spring-summer 2021 collection.

The trousers are cut out at the lower hip to reveal some skin (if you decide to go commando, because, well, why not?) or whatever type of underwear you fancy.

But Versace isn't the only one putting forth this tantalizing recycled trend, rising star at Fashion East, Maximilian Davis, also presented a couple of underwear-revealing looks.

And of course, no fashion trend would be fully approved if the social media queen herself wouldn't post a picture of herself in it.

Where does the trend come from?

From the onset of the 90's through the early to mid 00's we've seen this trend, known as the 'visible thong look', on the runways of Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford to name a few. And the list of celebrities to have rocked it in music videos and at red carpet events is not a short one either.

And although this look has been worn before it hasn't always garnered the most positive attention. But let's hope that in forthcoming 2021, we'll be inhabiting a world where women can show a little hip action or even a classy butt crack moment without getting too much flack for it. Trust us when we say that showing a little bit of your rear end can be done in a tastefully chic way. Just google Hailey Bieber at the 2019 Met Gala to see for yourself!

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