This dogsitter got bitten 800 times in a horrific attack

A 22-year-old woman was left disfigured after being bitten hundreds of times by a dog.

This dogsitter was in a horrific freak accident
© Pauline Loroy/Unsplash
This dogsitter was in a horrific freak accident

800 times. That's how many times she was bitten. Jacqueline Durand is a miracle worker after the terrible accident that disfigured her in Coppell, Texas.

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Bitten 800 times by a dog, her face is shredded

‘I thought I was going to die,’ Jacqueline told CBS. The dogsitter revealed the shocking injuries that left the skin on her face ‘hanging off’ after she was bitten 800 times in an attack by a dog she was dogsitting and had met before. She didn’t understand what happened that day

As soon as the 22-year-old opened the front door to Justin and Ashley Bishop's house, the dogs were not like their cute selves that she said she had met before. The canines then dragged her from the front door into the living room. Lucy, a German shepherd cross, and Bender, a boxer and pitbull cross, tackled her to the floor, ripping her nose, ears, lips and cheeks to the bone.

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In a coma, she lost 30% of her blood

Jacqueline Durand was due to celebrate her 22nd birthday just days after a traumatic attack that left her in an induced coma. The young woman was bitten more than 800 times, lost 30% of her blood, was resuscitated several times and was placed in an induced coma for a week, CBS News explains.

The reason she is now recounting her horrific experience is so that this type of accident does not happen again. However, she pleads with dog owners to:

Get to know their pets better and be able to communicate their behaviours to their dog sitters.

But in the future, she wants to continue working with animals and even become a dog trainer.

To help the young woman, an online fund is available.

Please note that incidents of this kind are still rare and it is important to think carefully before adopting an animal. The dog should be well prepared for the arrival of a baby in the family to avoid jealousy. Usually, a well-trained and educated dog does not pose a danger to babies. However, it is recommended never to leave a young child alone with the animal.

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A savage dog attack leaves one woman dead and another injured A savage dog attack leaves one woman dead and another injured