She thought her daughter was faking a tummy ache but the truth was far worse

When Cayla Jones complained of a stomach ache, her mother assumed she was faking it in order to be allowed to stay up later. But when she discovered the truth she was shocked.

Cayla Jones
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Cayla Jones

Cayla Jones from Cullompton in Devon started complaining about a tummy ache one night and her mum’s first assumption was that she just wanted to stay up a little longer. But when they visited the doctor the next day, she was diagnosed with inflammation in her bladder. After she was treated with antibiotics, she still wasn't feeling any better and her parents were getting worried. It wasn't until they went back to the doctors a second time that the awful truth was revealed.

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Their second visit revealed the truth

When Cayla and her parents visited thedoctor a second time, they found a lump in the girl’s body. Her doctor consulted a colleague and a long talk among the medics ensued, followed by more tests. The girl’s parents were then asked to go into a separate room to hear the results of the examinations, where the doctors explained to them that their daughterhad a case of advanced neuroblastoma, a malicious form of cancer.

Chemotherapy and hope

Luckily, the cancerhad not spread into the girl's bones, so they were able to begin chemotherapy right away. Cayla had to undergo 8 treatments in 70 days. After the fourth treatment, the cancerin her throat had vanished completely and the main

in her stomach had shrunk. In an eight-hour operation, 80 per cent of the remaining tumour was removed. After that, Cayla still has to endure a higher dose of chemotherapy before being released from the hospital. Now, her parents are raising money online to send her to a special clinic in New York to get her a special treatment that is supposed to minimise the risk of the cancer coming back.

Take a look at the video above for more on Cayla's story.

This woman thought her daughter was faking a stomach ache, but the reality was much worse This woman thought her daughter was faking a stomach ache, but the reality was much worse