These 3 zodiac signs are the most impulsive

Acting impulsively is a part of human nature. But what makes these impulses tick? It might be the nature of their zodiac signs.

These are the 3 most impulsive zodiac signs
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These are the 3 most impulsive zodiac signs

Impulses are unstoppable. Some have better control over them while others have none. But what triggers the sense of impulse in a person? Is it greed? Or perhaps hunger? It could be a multitude of things, however, what matters is how much control a person has over these urges. These also might be due to their zodiac signs. According to Metropolitan Girls, here are the three most impulsive zodiac signs.

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Aquarius’ are known for their short attention span, and they have a hard time keeping focused on their current task. They like doing things unplanned and unpredictably. Although impulsive, their plans are not reckless and are often thought out with logic and practicality.

Aquarius like doing things unplanned and unpredictably Guido Mieth GETTY_IMAGES

Their impulsive decisions are, oftentimes, emotion-based. They hardly ever deny a task that is given to them, even if it is new. They possess a speak-before-you-think ideology, which might get them into uncomfortable situations sometimes.


Aries are the definition of spontaneous. They chase the rush and thrill of making unplanned decisions. They have a hard time mapping out their thoughts logically and would often choose impulsive thoughts rather than thinking about the next steps deeply. The thrill of adventure and spontaneity is what drives them to move forward. They are brutally honest with their thoughts and lack a verbal filter, which might result in a few hurtful moments when someone feels offended.


Geminis are smooth talkers by nature. Their uncanny ability to convince people to go along with their plans is definitely a handy one. Although they love stability, they get boredpretty easily. According to Metropolitan Girls:

Gemini craves stability but loathes boredom and the mundane. They struggle to balance being responsible and not being stuck in monotony. Geminis thrive in controlled chaos.

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