Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy drops hints about the film's progress, here's what we know

From its production schedule, to the script status, here's everything we know about the Peaky Blinders film.

Peaky Blinders film: Here's everything we know
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Peaky Blinders film: Here's everything we know

The upcoming Peaky Blinders film has been much-awaited by audiences. The historical crime drama started as a TV series but has since transformed into a movie format. Available on Netflix, the show has turned into quite a successful one over the years since it made its debut in 2013.

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Starring big Hollywood names such as Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Paul Anderson, the TV series concluded with an epic and final season six, with more to come. After wrapping up the last season in April, there has been plenty of talk and speculations about what is to come.

Peaky Blinders film: Here's everything we know Karwai Tang / Getty_Images

What is the status of the film?

As per The Independent, the Peaky Blindersmovie script is ‘close’ to being finished, according to Cillian Murphy. The Irish actor added that it is allegedly close to completion despite not reading the script himself. Digital Spy describes his comments as a positive update for the show's fans.

As per National World, it is rumored that the filming of Peaky Blinders will start in 2023. The schedule and dates are set but have not yet been disclosed to the public. It is spearheaded by its creator Steven Knight and is said to incorporate real-life World War II stories into the plot. The story is to feature some ‘secret’ and unheard true stories that will add intrigue and flavor to the WWII era.

Transforming into the cinematic world

The TV series gained a lot of appreciation and success over the years, making it a cult classic when it comes to historic gangster drama.

The show's makers feel the story is ready to take another form. They have embraced the big screen for the upcoming movie. The film is rumored to wrap up the franchise with its storyline and plot. Thus, giving a conclusion to the lives of the Shelby clan.

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