Tasha Ghouri’s father reveals his daughter had a confidence struggle growing up

Tasha Ghouri is the first-ever deaf contestant on the show and has become an inspiration for many people out there. However, she had a significant confidence issue growing up.

Tasha Ghouri has been paired up with Andrew Le Page since the very beginning of the show. The couple had been going strong until recently when their connection hit a rocky end that made people make claims that she wasn’t being ‘real’ on the show.

Proud father

Leaping in to defend her daughter, Tasha’s dad - Tarek Ghouri, defended her on the grounds of her teenage issue. During the last recoupling, Tasha wanted to couple up with the new bombshellCharlie Radnedge, however, the hunk chose to pair with Ekin-Su. This left Tasha no choice but to pair up with Andrew yet again and that prompted the boys to doubt her authenticity.

Mirror reports that Tasha was hurt when all the boys agreed that she was being fake and slammed them by saying they were ‘rude.’ She was later seen shedding tears of fury at the situation. Amidst this, Tarek Ghouri jumped in and commented:

Tasha is a very genuine, natural, compassionate person and I’ve seen many examples of when she’s been there to support other contestants. Generally, it’s great to see her enjoying the villa and making new friendships – that makes me smile.

He added:

She lacked a little bit of confidence when she hit her teens... ‘I’m different and I’ve got a hearing problem and I’ve got this thing on my ear’. Boys start to come along and maybe she doubted whether she was attractive enough. But then she blossomed.

Fake crying

This comes after the fans brutally slammed the 23-year-old dancer and model for her fake tears on the show. Before the recoupling, she had a chat with Andrew explaining to him how she wants to get to know Charlie and ended up leaving the conversation crying, according to DailyStar. This led fans to slam her for playing the victim. Some of them tweeted:

Not Tasha acting like a victim someone give her the award already #LoveIsland.
Did Tasha just actually fake cry? #loveisland.

And soon after the recoupling, when Andrew still decided to stay loyal to her, Tasha ended up crying yet again. However, fans believe her tears were because Charlie didn’t pick her and chose Ekin-Su instead.

Tasha was crying after the recoupling because Charlie didn't choose her, not because she's upset.
Tasha isn't crying because the boys were shaking their heads, she's crying because Charlie didn't pick her.

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