Princess Eugenie: Source claims massive changes happening for her and her family

Princess Eugenie is allegedly thinking of making another major decision that will impact her whole family.

Massive changes happening for Princess Eugenie
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Massive changes happening for Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie has been splitting her time between the UK and Portugal since 2022 after her husband, Jack Brooksbank got a job in Portugal. At first, this arrangement seemed to suit the Princess of York as her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were in the limelight - and not for good reasons.

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However, now that things have calmed down in the UK, Princess Eugenie is allegedly thinking about moving back to her home country permanently. A source has claimed that she wants to help out the Royal Family more.

The source also adds that Princess Eugenie may end up having an important role within the Royal Family due to King Charles slimming down the monarchy.

Princess Eugenie is allegedly feeling homesick

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack moved to Portugal in May 2022 with their son, August. Since then, the couple welcomed a second child to their little family, Ernest, who was born earlier this year.

The unnamed source explained that Eugenie gets ‘homesick’ when away from the UK for too long and she wants her children to be able to spend time with their cousins.

Eugenie gets rather homesick if she’s away for too long and she wants her boys to spend more time with their cousins in England

The source told OK! that Princess Eugenie ‘felt she had to get away’ after she felt the Royal Family ‘abandoned’ her amid the bad press surrounding Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

The source said:

She felt abandoned by the family and needed a break from the constant negative attention her mother and father were receiving.

The source added:

All the troubles that went on had absolutely nothing to do with the girls [Beatrice and Eugenie], but they felt the weight of the world on their shoulders
It was a very difficult time for them, and Eugenie felt she had to get away.

Princess Eugenie could end up having more responsibilities in the Royal Family

According to the source, Princess Eugenie feels ‘most at home’ when she is being an ambassador for her family.

It’s where the princess feels most at home. Getting involved with worthy causes and acting as an ambassador for her family is what she does best. It makes her feel happy and fulfilled.

The source also explained that The Firm is thinking about giving Princess Eugenie more responsibilities due to the fact that King Charles slimmed down the monarchy a tad too much. Indeed, the source has claimed that King Charles doesn't have enough Royals anymore.

There are plans to increase her roles with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and other worthy charities.
Official royal engagements are also being discussed where she will step in for senior royals if they are unable to attend.

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Prince Andrew’s living situation could massively affect Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Prince Andrew’s living situation could massively affect Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie