Prince Harry and Meghan offered a 'tempting' $14 million to sell their LA mansion

After it was rumoured in the media that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to sell their LA mansion, a millionaire has made them an irresistible offer.

Prince Harry and Meghan's LA house has a millionaire buyer
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Prince Harry and Meghan's LA house has a millionaire buyer

Josh King Madrid – aka Jetset – is a self-made millionaire who has offered to buy Prince Harry and Meghan’s house for $1m over its rumoured $13m value. Josh will be spending nearly two-thirds of his wealth ($24m/£20.8m) to buy Sussex’s LA mansion.

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The public offer

The plush seven-acre property in Montecito was rumoured to have almost halved from its initial $13m value due to the rising interest rates suppression by America’s real estate sector. Amidst this, millionaire Josh claims he’s paying ‘over the odds’ for the property but is convinced that the property will ‘bounce back’ eventually.

Daily Star confirms that the 24-year-old is persistent to buy Prince Harry’s house after the couple decided to move out as the property cannot ‘properly accommodate’ the Sussex family. Josh took to his Instagram and shared:

I’m putting it right on the table for everyone to see - I want to buy Prince Harry’s house. I want it so bad that I’ll pay $1m over what he paid for it. Now is that a good deal or what?

The college dropout who made his fortune through e-commerce insisted on sending proof of his credibility. He added:

It might sound like it’s too good to be true but if he doesn’t think I’ve got the funds I’ll send him proof of my bank account balance.
As far as I’m concerned we’re all good to go and it’s just a case of him and Meghan accepting the offer.
If the rumours are true they know where to hit me up.

Josh believes the offer is ‘tempting’ even for mega-rich Prince Harry and Meghan.

Perfect home

According to Josh, his intention of buying the house comes from his belief that it’s the perfect home for him. He claims he’s not ‘super famous’ and doesn’t intend to be, so no one will care about him living in the house. He explained:

That house would be perfect for me and I won’t have to worry about security as much because there won’t be paparazzi and Royal Family obsessives constantly trying to catch a glimpse of me.
I could have pool parties all day long and no one would care.

Knowing the offer may not be the wisest and it will take him years to recover, he confirmed that he will enjoy the house ‘every second I live in it’ even if it takes 5 or 10 years to get his money back.

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Daily Star: Self-made millionaire 'Jetset' offers to buy Meghan and Harry's US mansion for £14m

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