Prince Andrew could be facing trouble over friendship with Jeffrey Epstein once again

Prince Andrew has been caught up in quite a few scandals in recent years. One of the biggest is his relationship with convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew’s troubles with Jeffrey Epstein aren’t over
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Prince Andrew’s troubles with Jeffrey Epstein aren’t over

Prince Andrew has been under a lot of scrutiny for the past few years. Indeed he was involved in a sex abuse case which cost him his HRH title and all of his royal patronages. He has also been scrutinised for his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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The day before King Charles’ coronation, Channel 4 broadcasted a documentary on the Duke of York. Now it has been suggested that the disgraced Duke lied about when he ended his friendship with Epstein.

Once again the new evidence allegedly catchesPrince Andrew lying during his interview with Newsnight in 2019. The new evidence would be an email from Epstein.

Prince Andrew claimed to end his friendship with Epstein in 2010

In Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC Newsnight, the Duke claimed that he had ended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein in 2010.

However, an email from Epstein, which was released as part of the US court case, reveals that Epstein had named Prince Andrew as a potential investor. The shocking part about this email is it is from 2011, which suggests the Duke of York may have lied about when he ended his friendship with the convicted paedophile.

Epstein’s victims have now called for the disgraced Duke to talk with the FBI, which so far, he has refused to do, as reported by Daily Mail.

As of now, it is unclear whether or not Prince Andrew knows if Epstein named him as a potential investor.

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The emails raise suspicion

With this new evidence, a lot of questions have been raised over Prince Andrew’s claims in 2019. One of Epstein’s victims, who received compensation said:

The emails raise serious questions. Why would Jeffrey be lauding him as an investor if he was no longer in contact?

US attorney Spencer Kuvin, a representative for Epstein’s victims explained to Mirror that perhaps Epstein was exaggerating how close he was to Prince Andrew or that Prince Andrew wasn't telling the truth during his Newsnight interview:

It appears that either Epstein was highly overselling his relationship with Prince Andrew or that the duke may not have been entirely truthful about when his friendship ended.

According to the email, Epstein had written an email to JP Morgan on August 31, 2011, listing the disgraced Duke as a potential investor as ‘he is not allowed to make money’.

It is unclear so far what the truth is concerning the email from Jeffrey Epstein and it is currently only being speculated that Prince Andrew wasn’t truthful during his Newsnight interview.

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