'Never complain, never explain:' The Queen's motto is now a thing of the past

The Queen's famous motto 'Never complain, never explain,' is now a thing of the past, revealed The Mail. From now on, the monarch intends to retaliate.

'Never complain, never explain'... The Queen's motto is now left behind
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'Never complain, never explain'... The Queen's motto is now left behind

It is a motto and personal principle that has never left her. Over the years, Queen Elizabeth II has followed a guideline dictating her behaviour: 'Never complain, never explain.' Since her accession to the throne in 1952, the Queen of England has always applied and enforced this rule within her family. But things are about to change in the year 2021. After 59 years of rigorous media abeyance, Queen Elizabeth II no longer wishes to remain silent when 'untruths' are being spread, reveals The Mail on Sunday, 13 June 2021.

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A Queen ready to shut down liars

The 95-year-old monarch has given instructions that she now wants to correct any statements that do not reflect her words or those of her family members. This astonishing decision demonstrates the exasperation felt by Queen Elizabeth II, according to the Daily Mail. The sovereign is said to be fed up with recent statements by the Sussex couple's relatives in the media and the quagmire surrounding the choice of their daughter's name, Lilibet Diana. According to a source, this last episode has pushed Queen Elizabeth II 'to her limits.'

The last straw for Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of England no longer wishes to remain silent and intends to express herself publicly, through communiqués or otherwise. Clearly determined to defend the members of the royal family, she wants to speak her own truth and set the record straight. Obviously, the controversy surrounding the name Lilibet Diana was the last straw.

As a reminder, several media outlets claimed that Queen Elizabeth II had been informed in advance of her great-granddaughter's name choice. Some media outlets said, quoting a friend of Prince Harry, that he had asked his grandmother's 'blessing.'

Following this, the BBC claimed, citing a Buckingham Palace source, that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had not actually consulted the Queen of England. As a result, the couple accused the BBC of writing a defamatory article and seriously threatened to take legal action through their law firm.

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