King Charles believed to not be riding horseback at the 2024 Trooping the Colour

In 2023, for his first Trooping the Colour parade since his coronation King Charles brought back an age-old tradition Queen Elizabeth had stopped. A year later, reports say the new monarch will be unable to carry the tradition any further...

King Charles trooping the colour
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King Charles trooping the colour

Trooping the Colour is a parade dedicated to the current monarch’s birthday, meaning it is now for King Charles. This day involves a huge military parade down The Mall and a flypast over Buckingham Palace.

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The 2022 parade saw little Prince Louis get up to mischief as he pulled a number of funny faces. Now, every year, whether it is for the same event or another, people wonder if the same will happen again.

In 2023, King Charles decided to bring back a tradition that hadn’t been done in 37 years. The late Queen Elizabeth used to take part in this tradition until she decided to stop for a special reason. However, now, only a year later, it is reported that King Charles will stop this tradition once again.

In 2023, King Charles was on horseback for Trooping the Colour

On 17 June 2023 the UK had its first Trooping the Colour without the late Queen Elizabeth. Instead of celebrating her birthday, it was in honour of King Charles’ birthday. A new era had truly begun.

Most of the parade was like the previous ones, with the main Royals riding in horse-drawn carriages up The Mall. However, that year, King Charles chose not be in a carriage, instead opting to be riding horseback just like his son Prince William and his sister Princess Anne.

Queen Elizabeth stopping riding horseback in 1986

As reported by Mirror, a monarch hadn’t ridden horseback during the Trooping the Colour parade since 1986, which was performed by the late Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth used to ride a particular horse, called Burmese, however, when her beloved horse retired, she decided she wouldn’t train a new steed and would be riding in a horse-drawn carriage from then on out.

Prince Philip also rode horseback during the parade until 2003, when he decided it was time to stop and rode in a carriage beside his wife.

King Charles to stop this tradition

According to The Telegraph, King Charles is expected to not be riding horseback in June 2024 due to his current health situation. The publication explains:

For several weeks, Buckingham Palace and the Ministry of Defence have been exploring ways in which he can take part while avoiding any undue risk to his health.

The publication's Deputy Royal Editor, Victoria Ward, highlighted that the Palace and MoD have 'favoured options' including watching the parade from a podium and using a carriage.

Prince Edward to have the spotlight

While his older brother King Charles is reported to take a step back during the ceremony, Prince Edward will be making his grand debut on horseback at Trooping the Colour. Previously, the now-Duke of Edinburgh attended the parade in a carriage but, this year, the royal has a new title: colonel of the Scots Guards. As such, he will take part of the parade.

According to Ephraim Hardcastle writing for the Daily Mail, Prince Edward has asked his brother Andrew for help in order to prepare. The journalist explains:

He has been discreetly rehearsing with his brother Andrew providing practical training in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle.

Prince Andrew has himself rode horseback at Trooping the Colour on two occasions in 2018 and 2019. Hardcastle alleged that helping Prince Edward 'has allowed Andrew to get his old bearskin out of mothballs, something he thought he’d never wear again'.

A behind-the-scene role that might be the best fit for the disgraced Prince...

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