Millie Court reveals a new tattoo and all Love Island fans know its relevance

Millie Court revealed her new tattoo the other day and all Love Island fans know what and how much it means to her.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon won last year’s Love Island together. And while the two might still be together and all loved-up, they did have a turbulent journey in the villa. But one thing kept them connected always and we know you know what that is.

Inked it

Anyone who saw Love Island last season knows Millie was always found supporting a piece of jewellery that read ‘Sagittarius.’ Even when Liam was sent to Casa Amor, she had given it to him as a gesture of love. The 25-year-old star now has that word inked on her body. Showing it off on her Instagram she told her fans:

I did something exciting.

And posted a picture of her new tattoo on her side. The trinket held a special place in her heart and even kept her and Liam together during their time apart on the show. Although it did not stop the Welsh bricklayer from going behind Millie’s back, she eventually accepted him back and put the necklace back on. It may be an ordinary tattoo for some, but those who know their journey, know what it means.

The loved-up winners

Although Liam was momentarily turned by Lillie Haynes when he went to Casa Amor he soon realised where his loyalties lie and returned to Millie. Since then, the two have been very much together and in love, paying no heed to all the split rumours. They got a house together after the show and were recently seen on a romantic getaway in Paris.

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