Love Island’s Paige Throne is glad she didn’t quit the villa with Jacques O’Neill

Paige Thorne opens up about her ‘rollercoaster’ journey on Love Island as she and Adam Collard are dumped from the villa.

Just days before the show’s finale, Paige Thorne and Adam Collard are dumped from the villa. While the couple didn’t make it to the finale, they are still glad to have found love in each other. Especially Paige Thorne after she almost quit the show with Jacques O’Neill.

Everything happens for a reason

Paige Thorne and Jacques O’Neill were a pretty strong connection until Jacques had his head turned in the infamous Casa Amor. The two seemed to have been making up when the OG bombshell Adam Collard entered the villa and caught Paige’s eye. And just days after Adam’s entry, Jacques decided to quit the show owing to his mental health.

Mirror confirms that Paige had thought about leaving the villa with Jacques, however, she’s glad she decided to give Adam a chance. Describing her journey as a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’, Paige confessed:

It did cross my mind a little bit to leave with him, but things hadn’t been 100% all the way through, and the fact that they weren’t was what made me think.

She also confessed to having a hint that Jacques would leave the villa but hearing him say the words was ‘really hard’ for the Welsh paramedic. However, she ‘fully supported’ Jacques’s decision.

Adam turned a new Pa(i)ge

After having found love with Adam Collard, Paige is just glad that she didn’t quit the show with Jacques. She added:

The fact that I stayed and I gave 100% to the experience and found something new and something more suited towards me just goes to show that everything happens for a reason.

The two have been planning about the future together and despite popular beliefs, they plan to stick together instead of splitting up.

He’s coming to see me in Swansea and I’m going to Newcastle. We’re already talking about holidays and Christmas plans. I definitely see a future.

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