Love Island: Has Jacques O’Neill given up on Paige Thorne?

Jacques O’Neill had promised Paige Thorne before leaving the Love Island villa that he would wait for her to come back from the show, but it looks like he may have given up on her.

Love Island: Is Jacques O’Neill done with Paige Thorne?
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Love Island: Is Jacques O’Neill done with Paige Thorne?

Jacques O’Neill kept his mental health above everything and famously quit the Love Island villa earlier this month. And, before leaving the show he did promise his villa lover Paige Thorne that he’ll wait for her.

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Picture not-so-perfect

That’s absolutely adorable, but wait! He recently did something that makes the fan wonder if he has given up on Welsh paramedic, confirms The Sun. After quitting the villa, Jacques had pinned one of his pictures with Paige on his Instagram account. And had a couple of other posts with Paige on his Instagram.

However, the former rugby lad has now removed all his pictures with Paige Thorne from his Instagram account while Paige still has pictures up on her account. This comes after it was earlier reported that he turned down Celeb Go Dating offer to wait for Paige Thorne.

Wait for you, not?

Fans believe this is a sign that Jacques has given up on Paige and despite how cool he portrays to be about Adam and Paige, he really isn’t on board with it. Some of them wrote on Twitter:

anyone else noticed jacques deleted all of his insta posts with paige.
Jacques has deleted all of Paige’s photos off insta. He’s done with her

Before leaving the villa, he also told Paige that he would pick her up from the airport after the show ends. Pointing that out, a fan said:

oh shit Jacques really just deleted all the pics he had with Paige. guess he ain’t picking her up.

While another added:

I do think Jacques deleting all the pictures of him and Paige off his Instagram is because he needs to do what is best for him, but I do believe that he has not completely deleted the pictures he has probably just archived all of the pictures.

If Jacques has really given up on Paige or not is something that we’ll only get to know once Paige is out of the villa. Regardless, it does seem like there’s trouble in paradise (if any).

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