Love Island’s new bombshell Remi can spell trouble for this couple

As Monday night’s episode showed a promo of two new bombshells arriving in the villa, all the fans have the same theory and they may be right.

22-year-old model Remi will arrive in the villa tonight with Jay and viewers are as excited as they can be. After seeing the first look of the two bombshells as the Monday night episode ended, fans have a theory regarding Remi.

Trouble in paradise

Remi confessed to doing Love Island because he wanted the same kind of love that Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury share. And as the model clears his intentions of genuinely finding love in the villa, fans reckon he can spell trouble for Indiyah and Ikenna. Fans believe that Remi would be the most perfect match for Indiyah and she should definitely go after him. The two are currently paired up together and shared a sloppy kiss on screen recently. Confessing that she doesn’t feel the push Indiyah told Ikenna:

I feel like we have good chats but, in general, I feel like there's not much push and sometimes I feel a little bit confused about what you want.
I'm just missing a little bit of action. I don't want you to force anything but it's sometimes it's nice to know that you're feeling interested.

The two then shared a kiss which didn’t go down well with fans as it was loud and sloppy.

Remi for Indiyah

After seeing Indiyah and Ikenna together and Remi’s introduction, fans are sure Remi and Indiyah would become the power couple. The Mirror reports that as soon as Remi appeared on screen, all the fans started speculating the same angle between Remi and Indiyah. Fans went to Twitter and wrote:

hear me out, indiyah and remi = match made in heaven.

Another added:

Indiyah and Remi are going to be a power couple and win £50k I know it.

While a third said:

Remi!!! Indiyah your man has arrived sweetie!!!

And as some fans rooted for Remi and Indiyah together, others knew he could be problematic for Ikenna and wished for Indiyah to not get tempted by him. A fan wrote on Twitter:

Just saw Remi’s dancing and singing. Indiyah stay with IKENNA please, PLEASE.

While a second added:

Indiyah stay with you're 6'5 king…remi is a sleep paralysis demon.

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