Love Island: First look of the new villa is out as it gets revamp before the show starts

This edition of Love Island will feature a fresh new six-bedroom villa with a larger gym than ever before, nestled in the lovely Mallorcan countryside.

We can finally cancel all our evening plans, as Love Island is set to rock our TV screens from next month. And as fans are eager to get their daily dose of flirtations and fun, a new villa is being revamped ahead of the show.

Rustically new

Love Island fans were recently given the first look at the six-bedroom villa in Mallorca. With tradespeople photographed on-site changing the outdoor space for the eighth series, it appears like the bosses have gone all out for the new villa. With the new series only a few weeks away, the builders will have their hands full transforming the rustic mansion into Love Island's new home.

There’s scaffolding running along one side of the home, apparently to create a new outdoor kitchen area for the contestants, while machinery and tractors are scattered throughout the property. While the ITV2 bosses are shifting the location of the villa, it is still expected to have all the iconic spots from the previous villa, mainly – the firepit and swimming pool.

Changes this time

Apart from making it more rustic, the new villa will also have the biggest gym and workout area yet. The gym has been added as the bosses hope the new feature to get the Islanders’ hearts racing leading to more hookups. The changes in the villa are much-needed according to the bosses. A source told The Sun earlier last month:

TV bosses think this is the right moment to refresh this element of the show, just as they did in series three back in 2017.
Bosses are conscious of the fact that this is also an opportunity to consider all the new elements they could introduce to enhance the show even further.
For fans of Love Island, this is huge news and they'll be eager to see what the new villa looks like and how much it could change the show.

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