Love Island: An unexpected 'bromance' could be brewing between two contestants

As the couples struggle to get to know each other through awkward first dates and eyeing other contestants than their partner, these two boys in the villa have their own thing going on.

Love Island contestants have to be coupled up with partners that the public has picked up for them. As they try to get to know each other and build up a romance in the villa, fans notice another connection between two other contestants that could be transformed into a bromance.

Most interesting connection

After detecting chemistry between contestants Luca Bish and Davide Sanclimenti, fans of Love Island feel they may be destined for a bromance. 23-year-old Luca and 27-year-old Davide didn’t particularly get along well but Luca was seen name-dropping Davide multiple times.

Amidst this, Mirror reported that fans flocked to social media after seeing the chemistry between them and left hilarious remarks about the two. A fan tweeted:

The couple with the most chemistry is actually Luca and Davide. Luca is obsessed!

Another added:

Luca fancies Davide more than any of them in there. Every other word is about him!

And to top it all, another fan shared:

Gemma is so boring. OMG Davide just run off into the sunset with Luca. He would at least make you laugh.

Love connection

This comes after Davide and Gemma had their first date together yesterday. Viewers were left cringing after they saw the two making lemonade as Gemma failed to make eye contact with Davide. All this while the two discussed marriage and kids making it the most awkward date ever. According to The Sun, Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold couldn’t resist mocking Gemma and said:

In other news, Davide could do with getting in a lather with Gemma.
They went on their first school trip together. It was a date, a little bit zesty. The pair made lemonade discussing marriage and babies whilst Davide tried to get a bit of basic eye action from Gemma…without much luck.

Watching their date, a fan took to Twitter and wrote:

The Davide & gemma date is like watching paint dry.

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