Love Island: AJ Bunker spills the behind the scenes secrets for all the fans

The next season is about to air in a few weeks and everyone is ready for yet another summer full of love, romance, and fun. But here’s what you didn’t know about the show.

Andrea-Jane ‘AJ’ Bunker appeared in the seventh season of the show and was unable to find a connection. However, she still had a good time in the villa filled with scandal, sauciness and sex. In a recent interview with The Sun, she spilled the beans about what goes on behind the scenes.

Sex on TV

Let’s start with the most scandalous one first. According to AJ, she was asked if she would have sex on TV. During her interview, she was quizzed about her sex life and dating tactics as well. She said:

They asked how I would catch a guy’s attention - I said I would approach him because in my eyes you’ve got to risk it for a chocolate biscuit.

The team also asked if she was a sexual person to rate her skills in the bedroom, however, she denied having sex on TV.

Nothing is certain

The former Love Islander told the publication that no one is a confirmed candidate until they step foot in the villa. After the interview process, there’s a long waiting period. They are put in a hotel room four weeks before the show. She added:

It was a waiting game and nothing was guaranteed, I know loads of people were flown back. I was always told it was never 100 per cent guaranteed until I stepped foot in the villa.

Directed not scripted

We know all of you have this doubt in your heads that the show is scripted, however, it is not. Everything we see on the show is real, however, the producers do nudge the contestants to form different angles. AJ added:

It’s not scripted 100 per cent but for filming purposes, they ask who you want to chat to and where so the cameras can focus on you.


AJ also went on to elaborate that the show has no concept of time. There are no mobile phones and watches on the show. Even the evictions are filmed late at the night. They do not let anyone wake up before the assigned alarm and if in case someone does, they are forced to go back to sleep.

The sunglasses

Ever wonder why all the contestants wake up with sunglasses in their bed? That’s because they are woken up by abright and massive light. AJ confirmed:

It’s awful, it’s like the light of God. It’s the brightest and it’s why everyone wears sunglasses in the morning.

Chatting and eating

The contestants are not allowed to talk about anything related to the villa as the producers will not air it. Additionally, they aren’t shown eating on cameras because of loud chewing noises.

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