Liberty Poole opens up about terrifying cancer scare

The blonde bombshell has revealed that she had a cancer scare right after coming out of Love Island.

Liberty Poole has opened up to fans about a potentially fatal health scare she had right after coming out of Love Island last year.

A potentially cancerous mole

The Dancing on Ice contestant explained having noticed a bizarre-looking mole appear on her stomach and decided to get it checked out by a health professional. Upon examining the sudden apparition of the mole, the doctor confirmed that it was not cancerous but advised to have it removed as a precautionary measure. She recounted:

I used to go on sun beds, but then when I came out of Love Island I had this weird mole pop up on my tummy, so I went to the doctor and got the mole checked out. I was worried it could be cancer. He doesn’t think it’s cancerous, but says it’s best I get it removed in case it turns into something. Now I don’t think it’s worth the risk and I use fake tan instead, it can be quite dangerous.

No more tanning for Liberty

Though the doctor reassured Poole, she has since decided to quit sun bathing and has also even stopped using sun beds. The blonde beauty, who happens to be Skinny Tan’s new brand ambassador, went on to explain that the risk of developing skin cancer due to sunlight is much too high. As a result, she will now only be resorting to skin tanning lotions to get that bronzed goddess look.

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