Everything we know about this year’s Casa Amor

Casa Amor provides the maximum amount of heartbreak and drama in the show. This is all we know about this year’s Casa Amor.

Love Island viewers and fans know that Casa Amor is a second villa introduced in the middle of the series to stir things up. Now that Love Island is shifted to a new villa, here’s what we know about it so far.

House of love

Casa Amor which basically means house of love provides new bombshells and endless temptations for the existing couples. The show bosses split the boys and girls into two villas to tempt them and test their relationships with a set of whole new potential love interests. However, this year the bosses are yet to confirm an exact date for Casa Amor but usually happens four to five weeks into the show. Meaning, we may expect the Casa Amor twist somewhere around July 4 to July 11 according to metro.co.uk.

Last year it was around the end of week four and starting of week five that the villa was split into two. It usually lasts for three to four days, which is exactly just enough time to shake things up in existing relationships. It causes the maximum amount of drama and break-ups in the show. The house of love may actually mean the house of heartbreaks for some couples.

Will it happen in the new villa?

This year’s Love Island intends to set and raise a new bar. The show started with a new twist where the viewers were made the cupid for the singletons of this season. So, the fans are unsure if it will return this season. However, a source previously told The Sun:

It’s the twist that makes the show and gives them some of their best scenes and ratings.
The episodes where half of the cast go to Casa Amor always rate really highly so producers were keen to keep it in.

So there are chances that the show’s house of drama may return this season to an already chaotic-so-far villa.

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