Sir Michael Gambon's £1.5M estate has been inherited by his wife Lady Gambon

Harry Potter star Michael Gambon sadly died in September 2023, he left behind a £1.5M estate. The actor was involved with two women, here’s who he left his estate to.

Sir Michael Gambon £1.5M inherited wife Lady Gambon
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Sir Michael Gambon £1.5M inherited wife Lady Gambon

The world said goodbye to Sir Michael Gambon on September 27, 2023, at 82. One of Gambon’s most iconic roles is portraying Albus Dumbledore, the Hogwarts headmaster in the Harry Potter franchise. He replaced Richard Harris from the third film and onwards, after Harris passed away.

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As the world is still mourning his death, the actor’s will has just been published and it has been revealed who will inherit Gambon’s £1.5M estate. However, you may be surprised to find out that his estate has not been shared evenly.

Indeed, Michael Gambon has been involved with two women for many years, his wife, Lady Anne Gambon and his lover, Phillippa Hart, who is 25 years younger. According to his will, it has been left to only one of the women.

Michael Gambon’s £1.5M estate has been left to his wife

As reported by Daily Mail, Sir Michael Gambon has left his £1.5M estate to his wife, Lady Gambon and has left nothing for his long-term lover, Phillippa Hart, with whom he shares two teenage sons.

Lady Anne Gambon is listed as an executor of his will alongside their son, Fergus, 60. The £1.5M fortune would have passed directly to Fergus if Lady Gambon died before Michael.

This means that Michael’s long-term lover, Phillippa Hart receives nothing in the will, which was written and signed in 2016 as per Daily Mail.

However, Michael and Phillippa’s two sons, Tom, 17 and William, 15 reportedly received £10,000 each and a Silver Heart Variety Club of Great Britain stage actor award, according to the will.

Phillippa Hart declined to comment on whether she was aware that her long-time lover had left her out of the will. She reportedly told Daily Mail:

It's none of my business. I really don't want to talk about this.

Fergus also said that his mother, Lady Gambon ‘won’t want to speak’ to the press.

A look into Michael Gambon’s two relationships

The Harry Potter actordid not hide the fact he was in a relationship with Phillippa Hart while being married to Lady Gambon. According to The Standard, Gambon shared his time with the two women.

Michael and Anne tied the knot in 1962. As per The Standard, Michael Gambon brought Phillippa Hart to the set while filming Gosford Park in 2000 and introduced her as his girlfriend to his co-stars. Phillippa and Michael had first met while filming the Channel 4 series Longitude in 2000.

According to Daily Mail, Lady Gambon had taken the news of her husband’s affair badly and moved out of their shared home. However, she eventually came to terms with his second relationship and moved back into their home in Gravesend.

Michael would share his time with Lady Gambon in their £5M home in Gravesend and his West London townhouse he shared with Phillippa Hart. Michael and Phillippa share two sons, Tom, who was born in 2007 and William, who was born in 2009.

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