Colin Bennett: BBC star passed away two weeks ago, son Tom confirms his death

It was announced on Friday, March 8, that BBC star, Colin Bennett known for various children’s shows has sadly passed away.

Colin Bennett passed away son confirms
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Colin Bennett passed away son confirms

Colin Bennett was most famous for his role as caretaker Mr Bennet on the BBC show Take Hart and in the spin-off show, Hartbeat during the 1970s and 1980s. The show Take Hart ran from 1977 to 1983 and the spin-off ran from 1984 to 1989, as per The Sun.

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Colin Bennett has starred in several other shows, such as You Should Be So Lucky, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Luna. Colin’s son, Tom Bennett followed in his footsteps and became an actor too. He starred in Eastenders and After Life.

Tom Bennett posted on X - formerly known as Twitter - to share the news that his beloved father had died. As expected, a wave of condolences flooded the internet.

Colin Bennett died two weeks ago

As reported by The Sun, Tom Bennett announced on Friday, March 8 that his father, Colin Bennett had sadly passed away. Tom shared the sad news on X that his father had died two weeks ago and he was still in shock. He wrote:

My Dad (Mr Bennett) sadly passed away 2 weeks ago today. I still don't quite have the words.

The Eastenders star added that he was his 'hero' and that he will be extremely missed:

I will miss him more than he will ever know. I love you, Dad.

A wave of condolences on social media

As expected when any celebrity dies, fans shared their sadness and gave their condolences to Tom Bennett. In the comments of Tom’s X post, many fans revealed they had watched his father when they were younger and loved it.

One user wrote:

Bless you man. We ALL loved your Dad. Big part of so many of our childhoods. Love to you and your family!

Another wrote:

When I was little, me and my brother would play Tony Hart and Mr Bennett. I would make a lovely tower of bricks and my brother would knock them over resulting in me exclaiming: "Oh Mr Bennett." Fondly remembered to this day.

Many users told Tom on social media that Mr Bennett was a part of so many people’s childhoods and they were all extremely sad to hear that he had passed.

Tom Bennett reacts to the comments

Surprisingly, Tom Bennett has been replying to several of the lovely comments left for his father. In fact, Tom seemed surprised about the massive amounts of messages he has received concerning his father.

Tom posted on X that his father ‘wouldn’t have believed the amount of love he’s getting right now’ and that the amount of messages being sent is a ‘testament’ to the person he was. He added that the support he is receiving from fans is making him ‘proud’ that Colin Bennett was his father.

He wouldn’t have believed the amount of love he’s getting right now! The number of amazing replies is testament to who he was as a man & make me so very proud he was my dad! He’d be so honoured, humbled and pleased he played even a tiny part in many of your childhoods! Thankyou.

Finally, in a third post, Tom Bennett explained that the amount of love he is receiving is making him ‘overwhelmed’ in the best way possible and he is ‘proud’ of his father for meaning so much to so many people.

I had no idea the outpouring of love would be so huge! I’m truly overwhelmed in the most joyously emotional way possible by all your kind, heartfelt words. He was a special man & I’m so proud & it’s bringing me so much joy he meant so much to so many of you.

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