Owen Farrell: The rugby star's wife Georgie remains 'lowkey', here's what to know about her

Owen Farrell and his wife Georgie are very private people. But here's what we know about the low-key couple.

Owen Farrell wife
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Owen Farrell wife

The captain of the English national rugby team, Owen Farrell, has built quite a rep for himself, given his immense skill in the sport. The 31-year-old athlete is one of the finest rugby players, given his high point scores that broke records.

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While he is competitive and dominating on the pitch, he is far from that in his real life. The England rugby captain enjoys a quiet, low-key life, away from the attention of the media. He likes to keep his private life private, but fans of the athlete are very interested in his family life, especially his long-time partner turned wife, and his children. Here’s what we know about Own Farrell’s family life, his wife Georgina Lyon, fondly known as Georgie, and his children.

Owen Farrell’s wife - Georgie

Following the same path as her famous high-profile husband, Georgie is also someone who likes to keep things low-key and private. Owen and Georgie tied the knot officially in 2018, after being together for a considerable amount of time. But they remained far from the public media’s eye through and through, before and after their marriage.

The couple remains to be so private that they barely upload pictures of each other on social media, given that Georgie’s Instagram account is also private (just like her personality), with just 320 followers as per The Express. But what we do know about Georgie is that she is a supportive wife, and she watches his games live every now and then. She even joins him on the pitch after the game to show her support and solidarity. This is actually when fans get to see a peek of the evasive Georgie.

The low-key wedding

The couple got engaged in the year 2017 and didn’t wait too long before tying the knot. Unlike many athletes who opt for lavish celebrations of their nuptials, this couple chose the quiet way. They got married in the summer of 2018, surrounded by close friends and family.

They did invite a lot of English rugby players that spend time with Owen. As per The Sun, the wedding saw a lot of players that Owen got to know in his time spent in the rugby union and rugby league. With a low-key wedding reception to seal the deal, the event even featured some friendly rugby tackles at the wedding reception.

Owen Farrell’s family

Farrell, who was in the rugby league since he was 8, is the son of Andy Farrell, who is Ireland’s head coach and fellow union rugby and English rugby league player. Owen, who has rugby running in his blood, followed in the footsteps of his accomplished father. Being an older brother, Owen has 2 sisters and one brother under him.

The family he made

Besides the family he was born into, Owen also has a family of his own which is the family he created. Owen and Georgie were quick to start their own family together, having their first child one year after their marriage. The happy couple has two boys together. Their first-born son Georgie was born in March 2019, and their second-born son Freddie came into their lives in March 2021. Despite Tommy’s birth coinciding with the Champions Cup quarter-finals in Glasgow, Owen kept it together and stayed with his wife through her labour.

Owen and Georgie also have a fur baby together. Their dog named Ron is a family member that Georgie spends a lot of time with, given that she is spotted walking him so very often. The couple live in Hertfordshire and are seen with Ron around the neighborhood.

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