James Morrison: Inquest reveals new details about Gill Catchpole's tragic death

On 7 January 2024, it was revealed that James Morrison’s partner Gill Catchpole was found dead at their house on Friday 5 January. New details have now come to light.

James Morrisson's partner, Gill Catchpole's tragic death
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James Morrisson's partner, Gill Catchpole's tragic death

TW: Mentions of suicide

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James Morrison's life took a tragic turn on 5 January, when his former partner was found dead at her home in Whitminster, Gloucestershire. The couple shared two children and got engaged in 2006, however they never officially got married. From the inquest, it is understood that two had split around a year prior to her death.

The singer, whose career peaked in the mid 2000s, is known for hit songs such as Broken Strings and You Give Me Something. Though those songs are now classics, Morrison has been keeping a low profile since releasing a Greatest Hits album in 2022.

The tragedy was unexpected as the woman was only 45. Here’s everything we know about what happened.

The death of Gill Catchpole

Gill Catchpole was only 45 when reports announced that she had passed away.At the time it was revealed that James Morrison found his former partner 'hanged' at her home. Police found that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Now, as the months go by, new details about the woman's death and the last months of her life are coming to light.

In the beginning of the year, it was revealed that her friends were worried about her well-being. The Telegraph wrote:

Police officers had been asked to check on the mother-of-two a couple of days prior because of “concerns for her welfare”.

Now, in June 2024, an inquest into her death has finally concluded that the 45-year-old ended her own life. Moreover, the inquest has revealed heartbreaking details about the day she died.

Heartbreaking details revealed by inquest

On 5 January, Morrison's friend had gone to visit Catchpole when they saw a handwritten note in front of the door. The note read:

Don’t come in, call the police.

The friend then went to Morrison's property which was adjacent to hers, and the musician managed to the keys to enter her home. This is when he discovered her body and called the police and paramedics, who pronounced her dead.

The inquest also revealed that inside her home there were handwritten letters addressed to Morrison, and her family and friends. DS David Kania who investigated Catchpole's death added:

There were no signs of a disturbance or third-party involvement. It has been relayed to me that close friends and family had indicated that Gill had been suffering with her mental health for the last year or so and since the split from her ex-partner.

Indeed, the investigator confirms that the couple had split up prior to her tragic passing.

Moreover, it was also established that Catchpole was in fact struggling with her mental health. As per The Guardian Dr Emma Basker, a General Practitioner, said that she was struggling with anxiety and PTSD, had received medication and went to therapy.

Coroner Roland Wooderson concluded:

It is entirely clear to me that the contents of those notes indicate that Gill unfortunately was in a very difficult place at the time of her death.
Having reviewed the evidence I have, it seems to me sadly that the appropriate conclusion on the balance of probabilities I will record a conclusion of suicide.

Unfortunately for Morrison, this is the fourth death he has to deal with in the last decade. Previously the singer had spoken about losing his dad, brother and nephew all within the span of three years.

A fairy-tale love story

Since the death of Gill Catchpole was announced, information about the couple’s beautiful love story has resurfaced.

In a podcast episode released in 2021 he reminisced that Catchpole ‘had moved into his mother's house as a lodger’. He also said that at the beginning of their romance he had learnt a Stevie Wonder song in order to impress her.

Daily Mail reports that in an interview with Yahoo News, Morrison said that his relationship with Catchpole was ‘like a little fairy tale or something.’

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