Eva Longoria: Actress reveals she had a hard time growing up 'I was the ugly one with the dark skin'

Invited on French show 50' Inside, Eva Longoria opened up about her childhood and the image she had of herself at the time.

Eva Longoria childhood ugly body image
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Eva Longoria childhood ugly body image

Eva Longoria was in France a few days ago for the Global Gift Gala, a renowned charity event. She took the opportunity to answer Isabelle Ithurburu's questions on 50' Inside, in English, Spanish and French, a language she still speaks a little, a vestige of her former relationship with Tony Parker.

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'The ugly one with the dark skin'

The actress didn't hesitate to make a declaration of love to Paris and France: she confided that she adored the small town of Collioure, in the South. She then went on to talk about her mentally disabled older sister, and her own youth, which wasn't always easy.

I grew up feeling like an ugly duckling, 'the ugly one with the dark skin', because I was the only one in my family with black hair and black eyes, and my sisters were all blondes with hazel eyes.
I grew up thinking I wasn't pretty. Well OK, I thought, 'if I'm not the prettiest, then I'm going to be the smartest and the funniest'.

So what happened next?

I got prettier much later, I hatched, I think I was in college when someone first told me I was pretty. So I learned not to rely on my looks alone.

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This anecdote speaks volumes

The woman who became world-famous for her role in Desperate Housewives then recalled that she had cried when she had to say 'Because I'm worth it', in her first advert for L'Oréal. Quite an understatement when you consider that she was once considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

In the rest of the interview on TF1, Eva Longoria confessed to being a very strict mother, and a stickler for schedules. Her son Santiago Enrique, aged 5, follows her on all her shoots and is not yet at school.

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This article has been translated from Oh!MyMag FR.

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